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Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that took place on March 20:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 20-Mar-2012 Billy O’Leary M 20 17h00 Australia Queensland Nobby Beach Surfing couple of deep lacerations to his left calf, including one to his Achilles tendon.
2 20-Mar-2009 Calvin Galbraith M 17 18h45 Australia Western Australia Halls Head beach Surfing Bite to food and punctures to both legs 80
3 20-Mar-2007 Jodi Cooper F 42 10h00 Australia New South Wales South Golden Beach Surfing down to the bone on two knuckles, and then about 10 teeth lacerations up my hand Bull 60
4 20-Mar-1967 Peter Clark M 21 Afternoon NEW ZEALAND North Island Leigh Freediving Abrasions to lower leg Recorded as SPI
5 20-Mar-1966 35′ cruiser Maluka II occupants: Mr & Mrs E. Potts Australia New South Wales Maroubra Fishing No injury to occupants hooked shark rammed boat SPI White 300
6 20-Mar-1946 14′ catamaran, occupant: M. Leverenz M 28 19h00 AUSTRALIA South Australia Grange Fishing No injury; shark rammed boat, catapulting Leverenz in the sea & damaging boat
7 20-Mar-1940 Smiles Walker M Australia New South Wales Gerringong Freediving Minor injuries to foot Wobbegong
8 20-Mar-1935 Kosam a Torres Strait Islander M Australia Queensland Three Mile Reef off Lizard Island 50 miles north of Cooktown – (Torres Strait) Pearl diving Left thigh abraded & 3 fingers lacerated Tiger 120
9 20-Mar-1922 Unknown M JAMAICA Kingston Parish Kingston Harbor Fishing Survived bite