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You never know what dangers exist below?

This appears to be a beautiful safe place to enter the water.

Educate yourself before entering any body of water!

This is a picture of La Reunion Island the shark attack rate is so high humans are not allowed to enter the ocean it’s against the law.


All aspects of our organization and sites are Setup, Run, and Operated by Shark Attack Survivors!

We provide resources, information, and assistance to past, present, and future shark attack survivors, their family members, witnesses, rescuers, etc. Also all those affected by an incident where the person sadly didn’t survive the incident.

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Words of Advice for Shark Survivors


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Visit Shark Year Magazine

Shark Year Magazine provides hard to find Shark News and Information all Year long.

Words of Advice for Ocean Goers!

We also provide words of advice for ocean goers to hopefully help you avoid being involved in a Shark Attack.

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