Shark Attack Survivors

We Focus on Shark Attack Information for past, present, and future Shark Attack Survivors.

We hope our firsthand experiences can help others avoid being severely injured in a Shark Attack.


I know it’s odd coming to a shark attack site and rather than having pictures of a giant shark with jaws and teeth jumping at you. Instead, we have a person standing at the edge of the water, Why?

Every person or parent who thinks of entering the water has the same decision to make.

Is it safe for me to enter the water, or should I stay on land?

Many people make the choice of staying on land not entering the water or at least not entering deep enough or spending enough time to much matter.

We hope to bring you fresh shark attack information. The things you learn after you have been severly injured in a shark attack.

Shark Attack Survivors News Archive

The News Archive has over 1,500 shark attacks. With more and more people viewing the web via a phone our software had troubles. We have upgraded the archive so it can be viewed on any device. We have several years to catch up on if you want to help let us know.

Shark Year Magazine

Shark Year Magazine at Http:// covers scientific topics about sharks with over 3,000 scientific, shark attacks, research papers Etc.