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Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that took place on March 27:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 27-Mar-2010 Oliver Schorebreak M 34 Reunion Saint-Benoît Bittern, St. Benedict Surfing Minor Injuries
2 27-Mar-2009 Tony Dell M 59 South Africa Eastern Cape Province Sunday’s River Mouth Fishing Bite to calf SandTiger
3 27-Mar-2005 Chris Parker M AUSTRALIA New South Wales Bateau Bay Surfing No injury, shark rammed surfboard
4 27-Mar-2004 Rémy Lorion M 20 17h00 REUNION Surfing Right thigh bitten
5 27-Mar-2004 Peter G. Hoffman M 61 08h30 USA Florida Sanibel Island Lee County Swimming Minor lacerations & abrasions on forearm
6 27-Mar-1993 José Ricardo C. Gouveia M BRAZIL Pernambuco Paiva Surfing Unknown Survived
7 27-Mar-1964 Donald Hamilton M 32 23h00 PAPUA NEW GUINEA Central Province 30 miles from Port Moresby Canoeing Fatal – Presumed FATAL
8 27-Mar-1913 German sailor M SAMOA Upolu Island Apia Harbor Leg severed