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Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that took place on April 10:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 10-Apr-2013 Nick Eitel M 53 12h00 French Polynesia Tuamotu group North Pass, Fakarava Kite boarding left hip, thigh and buttock sustained puncture wounds
2 10-Apr-2001 Unknown 16 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County Surfing Foot Lacerated
3 10-Apr-1988 female F South Africa KZN La Lucia Fatal – Arm washed ashore. Scratch marks on the humerus indicated it had been bitten by a shark but cause of death could not be determined.
4 10-Apr-1965 Dr. J. D. Morgan M 28 11h00 USA Florida American Shoals off Key West Spearfishing Left hand severely lacerated White 132
5 10-Apr-1933 Thomas N. Martin M 24 USA Florida Miami Beach Fatal –
6 10-Apr-1909 Mrs. Ah Kim Chong F 19 USA Hawaii Pa’uwela Maui Fatal – Search party saw a large shark devour what appeared to be part of her body
7 10-April 1906 Dick Chares M INDONESIA INDONESIA 40 miles from Tahane Island Sea Disaster – The schooner Tahitienne Fatal –
8 10-April 1906 Captain Baxter M INDONESIA INDONESIA 40 miles from Tahane Island Sea Diaster – The schooner Tahitienne Fatal –
9 10-Apr-1869 Christian Frederick M Unknown at this time Fell overboard Fatal