Here are the historical accounts for shark attacks that happened on September 5:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 05-Sep-2005 Elizabeth Gardner F 18 15h20 USA North Carolina North Topsail Beach Wading Calf severely lacerated Bull
2 05-Sep-2002 Alex Lancaster M 36 17h45 USA Florida Daytona Beach Shores Volusia County Wading 2 small puncture wounds on left foot SPI Hammerhead 18
3 05-Sep-1999 Mike Sprague M 13 USA Florida Fort Pierce Inlet St. Lucie County Surfing Right foot bitten 66
4 05-Sep-1994 Rose Ann Savea F 12 11h15 USA Hawaii Makaha Surf Beach Jump in water Left calf bitten
5 05-Sep-1990 Matt Hinton M 44 17h00 USA California Trinidad State Beach Humboldt County Kayaking No injury kayak capsized White 108
6 05-Sep-1985 Jeff Justice M 17 Afternoon USA Florida Fort Pierce Inlet Swimming Found to be a hoax
7 05-Sep-1971 Leslie Oswald Harris M 51 Australia South Australia Adelaide Fishing Fatal -. Shark bite was minor injury, but he suffered a heart attack afterwards and died 6 hours later
8 05-Sep-1970 Reggie Hodgson M 18 11h30 USA Florida Cocoa Beach, Brevard County Floating on a raft Laceration to left foot
9 05-Sep-1908 Ralph Nelson M USA California Redondo On fishing boat & trailing hand in the water Lacerations to fingers
10 05-Sep-1906 Smith M Australia Queensland Mabiuag – (Torres Strait) Swimming Fatal –