Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks for September 26:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 26-Sep-2009 Dan Callahan M 17h30 USA Florida Florida Keys, Monroe County – 5th Street home in Key Colony Beach Swimming shark bit Callahan’s right foot, causing a gash that required more than 130 stitches Bull 96
2 26-Sep-1994 Lioubov Kozarinova F 30 USA South Carolina North Forest Beach near Hilton Head Beaufort County Swimming Right side of abdomen & left hand bitten
3 26-Sep-1993 Wimpie Bouwer M 36 11h30 South Africa Western Cape Province Danger Point Spearfishing Calf lacerated White 120
4 26-Sep-1963 After 2 days Ann Dumas 7 5 months pregnant died of exposure & exhaution& her body was lashed to raft. 25 USA Florida coast 100 miles offshore (Gulf of Mexico) Raft Fatal -Sharks tried to overturn raft and took Mrs. Dumas’ body; scavenging by shark/s Dusky 156
5 26-Sep-1961 Paul Walter M 16 16h30 USA Florida Florida Keys, Monroe County Foot & lower leg abraded and lacerated when he kicked the shark SPI
6 26-Sep-1959 Robert Walker M 30 17h00 USA Florida Fort Lauderdale (Off Port Everglades) Sea Disaster During the night both hands and feet were bitten rescued next day after spending 17 hours in the sea. Hammerhead
7 26-Sep-1959 12′ boat. Occupants: Capt. E.J. Wines Maj. W. Waller & Larry Waller 23h00 USA South Carolina Albergotti Creek near Air Station boat docks Beaufort Fishing No Injury White
8 26-Sep-1930 Indian guide M HONDURAS Black River a Swimming Fatal –
9 26-Sep-1914 Unknown M JAMAICA Port Royal Port Royal Fell overboard Fatal – A 20′ Shark known as “Old Tom” 240