Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that took place on November 21:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 21-Nov-2005 Male M 30 Afternoon USA Florida Jensen Beach Martin County Surfing Left foot bitten 48
2 21-Nov-2000 George Lyons M 28 Australia Queensland Orpheus Island Diving No injury wetsuit & swimfin torn Tiger 157
3 21-Nov-2000 Danny Thorpe M 47 Australia South Australia Ceduna Sea Disaster Fatal – Missing thought to have been taken by a shark but not confirmed
4 21-Nov-1998 James Willie Tellasmon M 9 14h00 USA Florida Ocean Beach Jaycee Park Vero Beach Indian River County Swimming Fatal – Tiger
5 21-Nov-1993 Richard Peter Bisley M 27 15h15 Australia Western Australia A pearl farm in Roebuck Bay Hookah diving Fatal – Tiger
6 21-Nov-1987 Brian Tyska M 15 USA Florida North of Jupiter Inlet Palm Beach County Surfing Leg lacerated
7 21-Nov-1983 Arturo Garces M PHILIPPINES Central Philippines Boating Accident – Ferry boat sank Left foot nipped 18
8 21-Nov-1965 Gordon Holbrook M 43 Australia Queensland Near Brisbane Fishing Fatal – SPI 180
9 21-Nov-1965 Takashi Kameya M 44 23h30 PACIFIC OCEAN 250 miles southwest of O’ahu Hawaii Japanese fishing boat Taihei Maru No.10 Shark Fishing Left forearm bitten surgically amputated
10 21-Nov-1943 Richard Richardson M South Africa Eastern Cape Province Kei River Mouth Swimming Right foot lacerated
11 21-Nov-1942 male M INDIAN OCEAN Bound from Cape Town for St. Helena Sea Disaster Fatal –
12 21-Nov-1929 Gamatano Yugoago M CUBA Cienfuegos Province Cienfuegos Fishing Shark attacked his boat threatening to capsize it. He jumped overboard & shark bit his arm.
13 21-Nov-1924 Professor Winslow M 35 Evening USA Puerto Rico Santurce Bathing Fatal – hand severed both legs & arms bitten & nearly severed
14 21-Nov-1895 Rouee Youma M BARBADOS Bridgetown Diving for coins Leg bitten
15 21-Nov-1874 Male M AUSTRALIA Queensland Maryborough Bathing Thigh bitten 120