In this historical account of shark attacks that happened on February 7, there is a provoked attack mixed in.


Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 07-Feb-2009 Durwin Keg M 41   Australia New South Wales Cellito Beach Surfing No injury, surfboard dented thrown in air – see News Archive for Detailed account in Durwin’s words White  
2 07-Feb-2008 Fiona Casey F 14   Australia New South Wales Horseshoe Bay Surfing Abrasions to elbow; collided with shark   36
3 07-Feb-2002 Paul McNamara M 35 19h15 Australia New South Wales Paramatta River (near Sydney) Kayaking No Injury Stern of kayak bitten/chest bruised    
4 07-Feb-1986 Johan Fourie M 46 18h30 South Africa Eastern Cape Province King’s Beach Port Elizabeth Swimming Lower leg lacerated SandTiger  
5 07-Feb-1982 Kim Seibel M     USA Florida Elliot Key Diving Fatal – Disappeared while diving bathing suit & diving gear recovered bore marks of shark’s teth    
6 07-Feb-1982 Donald Harvey Smith M   11h00 USA California Stillwater Cove Sonoma County Scuba Diving Calf & ankle bitten White 200
7 07-Feb-1981 Filmer       Australia Western Australia Parker’s Point Rottnest Island   No details    
8 07-Feb-1975 M. Worman   15   Australia Queensland Currumbin Rock   Survived    
9 07-Feb-1962 Clifford Hoogvorst M 22 09h00 South Africa KZN Winkelspruit Swimming Fatal – calf bitten twice    
10 07-Feb-1960 John Gilles & Harry Dowswell M 20   Australia New South Wales Wattamolla National Park Spearfishing No injury speared shark towed Gilles 200 yards & tore hole in diving suit and hit Dowswell’s back with its tail SPI SandTiger 115
11 07-Feb-1904 George Grant M     Australia Queensland Brisbane Swimming Fatal –    
12 07-Feb-1882 Native Diver M     Australia AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIA Pearl diving Fatal –