Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that took place on November 14th:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 14-Nov-2002 Michelle Glen F 41 08h40 TURKS & CAICOS French Cay Snorkeling Right upper am shoulder & back severely bitten Caribbean 78
2 14-Nov-1999 Sean Grenfell M 35 South Africa KZN Umtentweni Surfing Lower legs lacerated White 120
3 14-Nov-1998 Larry Foor M 14 08h45 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach Volusia County Surfing Right foot bitten 48
4 14-Nov-1992 Ken Kelton M 46 12h50 USA California Ano Nuevo San Mateo County Kayaking No injury kayak bitten White 216
5 14-Nov-1991 John Saenza M 12h54 USA Florida Near Port Canaveral Coast Guard Base Fishing Hand bitten as he was cleaning hooked shark SPI 96
6 14-Nov-1966 Vinit Tantikarn 28 THAILAND No details
7 14-Nov-1963 boat Nora occupant Bruce Harris M Australia Queensland Mermaid Beach Shark Fishing No injury to occupant netted shark rammed & bit boat SPI White 182
8 14-Nov-1958 male M SOUTH AFRICA Western Cape Province False Bay Fishing No injury – shark leapt at him
9 14-Nov-1947 Peter Curruthers M 17 Dusk AUSTRALIA New South Wales Knobby’s Beach, Newcastle No Injury – Fishing from surf ski No Injury ski bumped
10 14-Nov-1947 John Martini M 16 Dusk AUSTRALIA New South Wales Knobby’s Beach, Newcastle Fishing from surf ski No injury, ski bumped
11 14-Nov-1942 Because of a mistaken belief that there were no survivors and several other successive errors of the 100 to 150 men who survived the sinking only 11 were rescued. Four of the Sullivan brothers died in the initial blast. M 11h01 SOLOMON ISLANDS / VANUATU VANUATU North of Guadalcanal Solomon Islands while enroute to Vanuatu Sea Disaster Over a period of a week men in the water died of wounds thirst & sharks.
12 14-Nov-1909 Unknown INDONESIA 30 nm from Singapore Rhio Strait Sea Disaster Fatal – 101 people perished
13 14-Nov-1902 Male M ITALY Near Naples Near Naples Swimming Fatal –
14 14-Nov-1900 William Strathorn M 30 South Africa Western Cape Province Three Anchor Bay Swimming Fatal – legs severed