Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that happened on August 8

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 08-Aug-2012 David Lowe, Sr. M 56 16h00 USA Florida Key Largo Free diving Lacerations to little finger of left hand Lemon 55
2 08-Aug-2010 Rick Carroll M 08h00 Australia New South Wales the bay at Crescent Head – 300m north of the Killick Creek Surfing foot had some deep cuts and puncture wounds and his heel was cut up fairly badly
3 08-Aug-2003 Joseph Krone M 16 08h00 South Africa Eastern Cape Province Jeffrey’s Bay Surfing No injury wetsuit torn & board bitten White 140
4 08-Aug-1999 Charlie Adkins M 62 USA Florida Bethune Beach – New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County Wading Bite to heel
5 08-Aug-1972 Gordon Johnson M 45 Australia Tasmania Nubeena Diving for abalone Left Foot Bitten 120
6 08-Aug-1964 James R. Webb M 28 12h00 USA Florida 2 miles off Jupiter Scuba Diving No injury shark hit scuba tank Hammerhead
7 08-Aug-1955 Sailor from tuna vessel M 28 Morning AMERICAN SAMOA Tutila Island Pago Pago Bay Swimming Fatal – abdomen bitten Blue
8 08-Aug-1951 4 people killed in the past week others injured COLUMBIA Caribbean Sea Cartegena Bathing Fatal –
9 08-Aug-1942 Tamaki Amano M SOLOMON ISLANDS Sea Disaster Lacerations to left arm
10 08-Aug-1931 P. Kincaid Zifflewwiggett M USA Texas Off Brownsville Swimming Minor injury
11 08-Aug-1923 Charles Blair M 01h00 GUYANA Demerara County Off the Demerara River Fishing Puncture wounds to left leg
12 08-Aug-1907 George Kell M USA New Jersey Lower Delaware Bay Wading Abrasion to chest
13 08-Aug-1899 Arab boy M 9 11h30 EGYPT Mediterranean Sea Port Said Floating Back muscles torn away
14 08-Aug-1899 Arab boy M 19 09h30 EGYPT Mediterranean Sea Port Said Bathing Forearm wrist & hand bitten
15 08-Aug-1899 Arab boy M 13 08h30 EGYPT Mediterranean Sea Port Said Bathing Left leg bitten
16 08-Aug-1880 Farejallah M MOZAMBIQUE MOZAMBIQUE MOZAMBIQUE Fell Overboard Fatal – Legs Severed
17 08-Aug-1878 George Gates M 14 Afternoon USA New York Brooklyn Swimming Fatal –