Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that happened on August 29:

29-Aug-2013 Charlotte Brynn F 47 USA California Catalina Channel Marathon swimming Puncture wound to torso Leopard
2 29-Aug-2010 Judson Newton M 43 Bahamas Exuma Off Jaws Beach, New Providence Island Swimming after boat became disabled Fatal – His partial remains were recovered from a 12′ tiger shark on September 5, 2010. Cause of death was thought to be drowning Tiger 144
3 29-Aug-2009 Gerhard van Zyl M 25 15h30 South Africa Western Cape Province Glentana Surfing Fatal – Severed Leg
4 29-Aug-2006 Brad Jamieson M 16h00 Australia South Australia Pennington Bay, Kangaroo Island Surfing No Injury Copper 72
5 29-Aug-2006 Tom Larson M 23 Dusk USA Oregon Florence Surfing Laceration & puncture wounds to foot
6 29-Aug-2003 Saul Gonzalez M 12h20 USA Texas 1.5 miles off Surfside Fishing Hooked shark pulled onboard bit his arm SPI Bull 48
7 29-Aug-2001 Kristi Herzberg F 29 13h30 USA Florida Coquina Beach Anna Maria Island Manatee County Standing Punctures & lacerations on elbow & forearm
8 29-Aug-1996 David Nanod Jr. M 19 16h00 USA Hawaii Paukukalo Maui Body Boarding Right calf bitten Tiger 96
9 29-Aug-1992 Valerie Fortunato F 34 Bahamas Abacos Double Breasted Cays Snorkeling Left hand bitten Blacktip 72
10 29-Aug-1982 Yako Yajima M JAPAN Kumamoto Prefecture Ariake Bay Fatal –
11 29-Aug-1982 John Buchanan M 17 10h20 USA California Morro Rock Morro Bay San Obispo County Surfing No Injury board bitten
12 29-Aug-1982 Verenia Keet F 18 12h00 South Africa Western Cape Province Langebaan Swimming Left knee lower leg & foot bitten
13 29-Aug-1981 Stephen Drosdick M 15 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County Surfing Laceration to left ankle
14 29-Aug-1972 Mark Van Leer M 15 Evening USA Florida Crescent Beach, St. Johns County Surfing Left calf bitten
15 29-Aug-1969 D.C. Barnes M Afternoon USA Florida North Beach, St. Lucie County Floating on his back Laceration to right leg
16 29-Aug-1962 Knox Harris M 39 08h30 USA California Solana Beach San Diego County Diving Struck shark with abalone bar to scare it away from abalone but shark bit his shoulder SPI Horn 48
17 29-Aug-1960 63 persons SENEGAL SENEGAL Dakar Sea Diaster – All 63 on board perished when the aircraft hit the water. Sharks hampered retrieval of bodies
18 29-Aug-1938 Ulrick Baker or William M. Baker a sailor from H.M.S. Folkestone M CHINA North China Outer harbor Hong Kong Swimming Fatal – leg severed
19 29-Aug-1871 male M USA Hawaii Hawaii Fishing Limbs severed
20 29-Aug-1826 Lieutenant Edward Smith CUBA HBM Magpie foundered in a squall Fatal -, drowned after being bitten twice by sharks