Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that happened on August 15

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 15-Aug-2012 tourist from Germany M 31 USA Alabama Gulf Shores Wading or swimming Lacerations to leg
2 15-Aug-2011 Rudy Varney M 7 USA South Carolina Myrtle Beach – 4th Avenue North beach access Playing Abrasions to left hand
3 15-Aug-2007 Andrea Lynch F 20 Night USA Florida Sarasota Bay Floating near boat Many severe punctures wounds on Torso Bull 72
4 15-Aug-2006 Richard Whitaker M South Africa Western Cape Province Danger Reef Surfing No Injury 180
5 15-Aug-2004 Randy Fry M 50 16h00 USA California Kibesillah Mendocino County Diving Fatal – White 204
6 15-Aug-2000 Jean Alain Goenvec M 53 11h50 USA Hawaii Kanaha Beach Maui Windsurfing Left calf lacerated Tiger 156
7 15-Aug-1998 Kevin Paffrath M 28 16h30 Bahamas Ambergris Cay Spearfishing Calf bitten Caribbean 56
8 15-Aug-1997 Mike Jonatis M 28 Mexico Quintana Roo Santa Rosa Cozumel Scuba Diving Fatal – arm & leg severed Tiger 204
9 15-Aug-1997 Mac Lupold M 33 Mexico Quintana Roo Santa Rosa Cozumel Scuba Diving Fatal –
10 15-Aug-1995 James Oatley M 20 08h30 USA Florida Daytona Beach Volusia County Wading Thigh lacerated 72
11 15-Aug-1993 21 m sportfishing vessel Seabiscuit. Occupants: Captain Louie Abbott & 2 dozen anglers 11h30 USA California Between Santa Cruz Island and Santa Barbara No injury to occupants; shark circled boat repeatedly then rammed the vessel 3 time White 216
12 15-Aug-1993 Petra Rijoes F 19 10h00 USA North Carolina Pamlico Sound Raft Severe lacerations to abdomen & thighs Bull
13 15-Aug-1993 5.4 m boat Australia Western Australia Off Rottnest Island Fishing No injury to occupants. Shark struck boat lifting the outboard motor White 240
14 15-Aug-1987 Craig Rogers M 40 07h30 USA California Tunitas Beach San Mateo County Surfing Fingers & surfboard injured White 216
15 15-Aug-1983 Jill Redenbaugh F 14 USA Virginia Virginia Beach Princess Anne County Swimming Foot bitten Sand
16 15-Aug-1973 boy M 17 USA Virginia False Cape Shelling Elbow bitten Blacktip 66
17 15-Aug-1967 Sue Ferguson F 19 16h00 BERMUDA Floating Foot abraded & lacerated
18 15-Aug-1959 Gary Seymour M 21 USA Florida Panama City, Bay County Diving No Injury
19 15-Aug-1959 Lt. James C. Neal M 26 USA Florida Panama City, Bay County Scuba Diving Fatal – disappeared dive gear & clothing found with teethmarks presumed taken by a shark 144
20 15-Aug-1956 Jose Luis Nufize Lago M 13 USA Puerto Rico North coast Skin diving Fatal –
21 15-Aug-1956 Douglas Clarke M 10 16h30 USA California Pismo Beach Swimming Lacerated thigh hand & shoulder White 108
22 15-Aug-1899 Delano Wood M 15 USA Florida Trout River, Panama Park Swimming Fatal – 120