Here are the historical accounts for attacks that happened on this day, April 11:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 11-Apr-2012 Michael Demasi M 27 AUSTRALIA South Australia Dolphin Bay, Innes National Park Kayaking Minor wound to his thigh when shark bit kayak White 236
2 11-Apr-2009 Paolo Dominici M 49 09h30 USA Hawaii Kailua-Kona Spearfishing Fatal – Shark Involvment not confirmed – but probable
3 11-Apr-2006 Luke Cook M 15 13h30 Australia New South Wales Newcastle Beach Surfing Minor laceration to left foot Copper
4 11-Apr-2003 Yann Perras M 28 VENEZUELA Isla de Margarita El Yaque beach Surfing Right foot bitten left leg severed Mako 120
5 11-Apr-2001 Elren Thresher M 19 20h04 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach Volusia County Surfing Minor cuts on right heel & foot Spinner
6 11-Apr-2001 Jordan Carter M 22 12h46 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach / Waveland Volusia County Surfing Lacerations to top & bottom of left foot
7 11-Apr-2001 Richard Lloyd M 22 11h53 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach / Waveland Volusia County Surfing Foot lacerated Spinner 60
8 11-Apr-2001 Gilbert Dano M 07h00 USA Hawaii Ewa Beach O’ahu Surfing Minor punctures & lacerations on left hand Whitetip 40
9 11-Apr-1999 Guy Oudin M 52 10h30 REUNION Etang Salé-les-Bains Roche-aux-Oiseaux Swimming Fatal –
10 11-Apr-1983 Robert Bischoff M USA Florida Palm Beach Inlet Palm Beach County Scuba Diving Injured – but exact circumstances unknown at this time
11 11-Apr-1971 Theo Klein M 50 11h30 South Africa Western Cape Province Buffels Bay Swimming Fatal – multiple bites White
12 11-Apr-1968 Hukolapa Laiokeke M 7 PAPUA NEW GUINEA Central Province Orokolo Bay Swimming Fatal – Laceration to chest
13 11-Apr-1959 Jimmy Pearson a Torres Strait Islander M 43 Australia Queensland Coconut Island 100 miles east of Thursday Island – (Torres Strait) Diving Left hand lacerated when he tried to ward off shark Tiger 72
14 11-Apr-1947 Robert Douglas M 14 17h30 South Africa KZN Rocket Hut Beach Durban Body surfing Thigh severely lacerated shin & calf lacerated
15 11-Apr-1929 David Alexander Manners M 19 13h45 Australia Queensland Bribie Passage Caloundra Fishing Standing in knee-deep water SandTiger
16 11-Apr-1886 Male M NEW ZEALAND South Island Near the mouth of the Clarence River Boating Sea disaster : Wreck of the Taiaroa Fatal

Of note here are several attacks that happend in Florida in 2001. Was this what should have tipped us off to what the media would start calling “The Summer of the Shark”?