Shark attacks another surfer At Treasure Coast Beach
Story by Lynn Gordon CBS 12 News

Hutchinson Island, Fla – It was a frightening day at the beach for a surfer from Stuart after he was attacked by a shark.

It happened at Santa Lucia beach Sunday as beach goers were soaking up the sun and surf.

20-year old Dylan Fugitt was out surfing with his brother Casey when he accidentally kicked a shark. The shark bit Dylan’s foot.

According to Casey “ He’s alright, it just tagged him to the bone he’s going to keep his toes they’re stitching him up right now.”

There were 23 shark attacks in Florida last year. That’s because sharks, just like tourists like warm water and mild surf.

The last fatal shark attack in Florida happened in Martin County four years ago when a kite surfer was killed.
Dylan’s injuries were minor and the surfer even kept his cool.

“My brother wasn’t freaking out, he kept calm about it” said Casey.