How does one tell if the shark conservation NGO they are funding is ligament or not? This is not a tell tale form to decide but you be the judge.

Pew environment has an email address for every person on their shark conservation team. You can contact each person and expect a response they are extremely concerned on any question the public may ask. You can also do the same to the Shark Research Institute and Global Shark Attack File, even those at the International Shark Attack File provide you with ways to contact them directly.

Then we have those at Save our Seas a giant NGO but all they provide is an online contact us form. This form goes to one person and if that person feels like responding to you or your question is up to them. We recently tried to request information from this NGO many times and finally received a response from the CEO.

Dear Al,

I have received all your messages. But as you noticed yourself, I will not respond anymore as I don’t feel concerned.

Michael C. Scholl

Save Our Seas Foundation CEO

SOSF is a giant NGO which actually spent mega dollars to try and switch the word “attack” to “bite” by hiring a public policy graduate (giant flop) and Shark Attack Survivors deals with the survivors of Shark attacks.

SOSF has no concern with shark attacks but spent millions trying to switch the word attacks to bites.