Shark Attack Survivors willing to pay fines for Kelly Slater entering the ocean in Reunion Island. For every person entering the ocean at a shark  sanctuary on Reunion Island the fine is 50.00 USD per incident . The attack ratio is 1 out of 500 and if Kelly Slater is true to his word about being honored to be killed in a shark attack we will pay all the fines until he proves his claims.

Hay we will pay until he loses a leg, arm or giant chunks of flesh. Come on Slater put your body where your mouth is or rather put your body in a shark’s mouth. We SAS will even take the bite from small sharks and leave the 3 meter sharks to you.

Hi Kelly,

This is from shark attack survivors, Do you know how much shark conservation dollars could be earned if you donated your right arm to save the sharks? A shark took my right arm and I have lobbied to save them as many other shark attack survivors.

Keep in mind donating your arm to save sharks as you claim is so fisherman can catch and harvest them for .50 cents a pound.

Are you actually stupid enough to give a arm to save a 500.00 shark?

Us survivors will pay all your fines for entering the ocean at Reunion Island. The fine for surfing at Reunion is 50.00 per ticket the attack rate on surfers is 1 out of 500.

Put your well being at risk and try to be killed and we will cover the fines until you are maimed or killed.

You can contact us at shark attack survivors to setup the arrangements for you to be honored for giving your life or limbs for 500.00 worth of shark.

Al Brenneka

Shark Attack Survivors