15-year-old boy apparently suffered lacerations after being attacked by a shark near Middleton.

A TEENAGER was taken to hospital this afternoon after he was attacked by a shark at Middleton on the state’s south coast.

Onlookers watched on in horror as the water was evacuated shortly after 5pm when two sharks surfaced in the area.

“There were definitely two sharks out there,” one witness told Advertiser.com.au.

“There was a tiger shark near me. It was bigger than me and it got pretty close … I’m not sure what the other shark was.

“People on the shore yelled out ‘shark’ and no more than 50m away another shark had attacked the 15-year-old.”

The condition of the boy was unknown but witnesses said he suffered lacerations.

“There was blood all down his board,” one body boarder said.

South Coast District Hospital would not confirm if they had treated anyone for a shark bite.

The attack comes just nine days after Scott Berry, 39, escaped with just a small bite to his side after being attacked by a shark at Parsons Beach , near Waitpinga on the Fleurieu Peninsula.