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07/23/2006 R.K. Halbert (Texas)

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07/23/2006 R.K. Halbert (Texas)

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Houstonian recovering from shark bite

02:29 PM CDT on Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Houston man is recovering in a hospital after being bitten by a shark while fishing off the shores of Sargent Beach in Matagorda County.

R.K. Halbert said the close call won't stop him from surf fishing again.

As an avid surf fisherman, R.K Halbert knows exactly why a shark took a bite out of his right foot.

"I had the rod over my shoulder and I was dragging bait behind me. Probably smelled the bait, came from behind, smelled the bait and hit my foot," said Halbert.

The shark -- believed to be a bull shark about 4 or 5 feet long -- bit Halbert just above his right ankle.

It tore a hole through his wading bootie and almost knocked him down.

Halbert says he didn't see the shark but he knew what happened.

"He grabbed me, jerked me for a minute, pulled me backwards and then let go," said Halbert. "It felt like a bear trap closing in on my foot."

Immediately after he was bitten, Halbert was taken to a Lake Jackson Hospital where they dressed the wound, gave him antibotics and sent him home.

By Monday morning, he found himself in the emergency room at the CyFair Medical Center. An infection had caused his foot to swell.

Now recovering, Halbert said he plans to surf fish again.

He blames himself for this attack.

"Wasn't his fault it was my fault. You are no longer the top of the food chain when you're in the water," said Halbert.

http://www.khou.com/news/local/stories/ ... bd905.html
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