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02/08/2006 Jason Noades (Australia)

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02/08/2006 Jason Noades (Australia)

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Teen surfer has narrow escape

ALIVE TO TELL THE TALE: Jason Noades, 15, holding up the part of his surfing suit that was torn by a shark bite on Wednesday. Noades has two bite marks on his right calf after his encounter with the shark, which has yet to be identified.



AN afternoon of surfing turned ugly for a Bonnie Doon teenager when he was attacked by a shark while surfing off Nahoon Beach on Wednesday.

Jason Noades, 15, made a daring escape from the jaws of a shark by kicking it with his left foot as it was trying to bite his right leg.

"I was surfing when I fell and the wave took me down. I felt something grab me on my right leg.

"Then I saw the fin, which was about 15 centimetres long, as the shark was taking me."

Noades said he kicked out with his other leg and then "I paddled faster...without even looking back."

When he was out of the water he told the lifesaver who called everybody in.

Noades has two shark-bite marks on his right calf to show for his encounter with the shark, which has yet to be identified by experts.

Noades said there were about seven other people surfing in the area when the incident happened in the late afternoon.

His friend, who was surfing a few metres behind him, also saw the shark.

Noades, who has been surfing for about three years now, said he would be returning to the water as soon as his injury is better.

"I will go back into the water in another week ...once the injury is properly healed I will go back," he said yesterday.

Noades said when he told his father he did not believe him.

"He thought I was joking as I was walking fine when he saw me later."

Explaining his disbelief, his father and former Springbok pedal surfer Barry Noades said: "I think it was because it's my son ...you can't believe that something can happen to your own son".

Barry thinks the situation has come to a stage where something needed to be done to protect people at the Nahoon Beach stretch.

"Sharks are now moving to the shore to get food. ... even fishermen say there are fewer fish."

Noades senior also had a run-in with a great white while surfing on the Nahoon Reef some time back.

Jason had been in the water for about an hour when the incident happened.

He said his parents had not discouraged him from going back into the water.

http://www.dispatch.co.za/2006/02/10/Ea ... shark.html
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