05/12/2022 - Anonymous Female - French Polynesia

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05/12/2022 - Anonymous Female - French Polynesia

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Authorities concerned after another shark attack in French Polynesia

A woman was attacked by a shark in Bora Bora, French Polynesia, over the weekend.

While not deadly, this is the second shark attack in the archipelago in just two weeks, although there are reports of a third.

The La Premiere news agency reports the woman, who was a tourist, was bitten on the hand while taking a boat ride near Motu Tapu Islet, a popular touristic hot spot.

A Tiger shark Photo:

It is not known what species of shark it was.

The fire brigade were called to the scene and an investigation is in the process.



On April 30, a bodyboarder was attacked by what he believed to be a Tiger shark on the west coast of Tahiti.

The wound wasn't severe, however he was sent to hospital and required 10 stitches.

The mayor closed the popular surfing spot for the weekend after this attack.

The agency also reported another recent attack without providing details.

A meeting was held on May 10 with tourist services of the region to remind of several important safety measures and put in place a plan of action.

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