08/15/2022 - Luke Pascoe 17 yr - Australia - Western Australia

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08/15/2022 - Luke Pascoe 17 yr - Australia - Western Australia

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Is anybody safe? SUV-sized Great White Shark attacks teen spear fishing in Australia

An Australian teenager is lucky to be alive after a Great White Shark attacked him while he was spear fishing off Mistaken Island in Albany, Australia,

Seventeen-year-old Luke Pascoe said he was fishing in the water when he looked down and saw the shark in front of him. The shark then bit him, according to Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

“It took one turn, had a look at me, took another turn, and on that last turn it just came straight for me and bit me on the legs,” Pascoe told the local news outlet, 9News.

Pascoe compared the sea creature to a ‘small four-wheel drive,’ vehicle.
On the mend

“You don’t really realize you’ve been bitten by a shark,” he added. “So I gritted my teeth and kicked as hard as I could with both legs just trying to get back to shore or at least to a point where I felt the shark couldn’t get me anymore.”

Pascoe credited his best friend, Connor Shirley, for saving his life after the attack.

Shirley, in fact, instantly realized what was happening and immediately assisted his friend. In fact, he used a dive belt to make a tourniquet to help stop the bleeding, then put Pascoe on his back and carried him to safety along the shoreline before seeking help.

“I owe my life to him,’' Pascoe said of his best friend to ABC. “I was lying in bed last night and I was thinking to myself how lucky I am to still be here.

After arriving to a local hospital, Pascoe sustained a number of lacerations to the lower part of his leg. He remained in the hospital after being treated.

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