07/27/2022 - Fischer Hricko - Florida - Keys

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07/27/2022 - Fischer Hricko - Florida - Keys

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HORROR ATTACK Boy, 13, rushed to hospital with ‘blood gushing out of his face’ after being attacked by shark while lobstering

A TEENAGER was rushed to hospital with "blood gushing out of his face" after he was attacked by a shark while lobstering.

Fischer Hricko, 13, told Florida's News6 he was attacked by a nurse shark, who bit his upper lip, leaving him needing ten stitches to his face.

While in the water to catch a lobster with a net, Hricko said he felt a nudge on his leg.

When he turned around he said the shark was "right there."

The shark then latched on to his mouth and he tried to grab it and pull it off of his face.

“It was scary, like, I tried getting away, but it was so fast,” Hricko told the station.

"Then I just swam as fast as I could back to the boat, screaming."

Nurse sharks are usually known to be docile.

His dad, Kent Hricko, told the station he tried to swim to Fischer as fast as he could.

"When I’m approaching him, I’m just seeing blood gushing out of his face, and at that point, I’m like, ‘What happened?’” Kent said.

“He was definitely shocked, a little bit of crying — but not much, he was being tough."

The family got Fischer back on the boat and to urgent care.

After having the stitches, Fischer spent the night recovering, before heading to the waters again.

“You (have to) always stay positive,” Fischer told News 6.

However, instead of capturing a lobster, this time Fischer used a hook to catch a shark that was at least four feet long, he told the outlet.

“Fischer’s going to have a cool story to tell when he goes back to school,” Kent said.

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