06/00/2022 Russell Specht nephew Logan - Australia - No Injury

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06/00/2022 Russell Specht nephew Logan - Australia - No Injury

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'Monster' great white shark attacks surfer in 'really close call' as he fights it off

Former surf champ Russell Specht told how his lifeguard nephew Logan had to use his surfboard to defend himself when a monster shark tried to take a bite out of him

Russell Specht urged tourists to be aware of the hidden dangers

A surfing champion has warned beachgoers to keep an eye out for sharks after a close call with a “monster” great white shark.

Former surf champ Russell Specht told how his lifeguard nephew Logan had a "really close call" with the shark while surfing off Frenchman's Beach on Australia’s Gold Coast.

In an Instagram post, Russell said: “He had to put the board between him and a big white … he thought it was over. I had to post something as too many tourists just have no idea”.

He said that tourists need to be aware of the danger of shark attack while thousands of humpback whales congregate off Australia’s east coast.
Russell spotted an ominous-looking shark in the waters of Frenchman’s Beach on Saturday

"So many crew locals and tourists have no idea of the [amount of] whites following the whales and the mullet schools up and down [the] coast this time of year.”

Russell himself spotted an ominous-looking shark prowling the waters of Frenchman’s Beach on Saturday,

Speaking to local news channel 4BC Radio Russell added that there are only minimal safety precautions in place in the area.

“There’s no netting on the island,” he said.“Cylinder Beach is probably the safest one to swim at.”
Russell used a drone to catch a glimpse of a monster shark at the popular Queensland surfing beach

'Biggest ever' great white shark weighing two tonnes snapped on prowl near diver

In April, an Australian family told how they were stalked for an hour by a great white that tried to bite a chunk out of their boat.

In a video of the incident, the huge ocean predator is thrashing in the water and trying to attack the motor.

Terrified screams are heard as David Tuckfield, his wife Kunya, and their 14-year-old son Shelby watch the shark chomp on their boat.

The family was enjoying a fishing trip on their boat on Good Friday (April 15) off the coast of Mandurah, south of Perth, when the shark appeared.

It hung around for an hour, before sinking back into the depths.

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