01/02/2022 - Cordelia Scott - New Zealand

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01/02/2022 - Cordelia Scott - New Zealand

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9-Year-Old Injured by Shark in New Zealand

A 9-year-old girl was bitten by a shark while on Christmas day.

Cordelia Scott was out for a family swim at the Porarari River in Punakaiki, New Zealand. Mother, Allahna Scott was onshore watching, “She was swimming at the turn of the tide and she said, 'something’s got me’,” mom said.

At first her mother thought she was joking but then pulled her daughter out of the water to discover a 3ft-long brown thing connected to her toe. She gave it a fairly good kicking, using her feet and hands to get it off. She couldn’t identify the shark stating, “It was not like an eel, and had splotches,” thinking it may have been a rig shark.

The daughter was treated on seen before being taking to Te Nikau Hospital in Greymouth.

Cordelia is smitten with her minor injuries telling her sisters, “You’re not as tough as me; I survived a shark attack.”

Source: New Zealand Herald
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