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11/02/2023 Gary Virgo Southern Red Sea EGYPT No Injury

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11/02/2023 Gary Virgo Southern Red Sea EGYPT No Injury

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British Diver Survives Shark Attack in Egypt’s Red Sea

The serenity of the Red Sea was disrupted when British diver, Gary Virgo, fell prey to the wrath of an oceanic whitetip shark, known for its aggression. The incident unfolded in Fury Shoal, off Egypt’s Red Sea Coast, as Virgo was surrounded by the underwater wonders he had come to love. The shark circled menacingly closer before launching itself at Virgo, a startling event even for this experienced diver who was compelled to abandon his dive.
A Dive into Danger

The encounter was captured on video, immortalizing the terrifying moment the shark rammed Virgo. Despite his knowledge and experience around sharks, the attack left him stunned. He stood his ground, adhering to his training, but the shark’s relentless approach was an anomaly. Oceanic whitetip sharks have a notorious reputation for aggression. They were behind the infamous attacks on the crew of the USS Indianapolis in 1945, who found themselves stranded in the Pacific Ocean after their ship was sunk by the Japanese. However, for Virgo, this encounter was a first, a shockingly violent departure from his previous interactions with sharks.
The Trigger

Reflecting on the incident, Virgo suspects his dive gear, specifically his orange and yellow dive hood and the bleeping of his dive computer, may have incited the shark. These colors are known to attract sharks, and the unfamiliar sounds may have further roused its curiosity. Despite the possibility of his gear contributing to the shark’s behavior, it’s crucial to remember that shark attacks are rare and can occur without provocation.
The Aftermath

The attack forced Virgo and his dive buddy to abort their dive prematurely, after only nine minutes into what was planned as a 45-minute dive. As he signaled his buddy to ascend, Virgo was consumed with relief that he had escaped unscathed. His caution persisted as they swam back to the boat, wary of any further encounters with the shark.
Undeterred Love for Sharks

Remarkably, the harrowing experience has not tarnished Virgo’s passion for sharks. He remains eager to go cage diving with great whites, a testament to his enduring fascination with these majestic creatures. His attitude is a powerful reminder that even negative experiences with wildlife should not lead to fear or hatred, but foster respect and admiration for these creatures in their natural habitats.

The incident underscores the need for mindful interactions with marine wildlife. While shark attacks are rare, they can occur, and divers should be vigilant, follow safety protocols, and understand the potential triggers for aggressive behavior. Even experienced divers like Virgo can find themselves in unexpected situations, highlighting the unpredictability of the marine world and the importance of preparedness.

In conclusion, Virgo’s encounter with the oceanic whitetip shark serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers of diving and the necessity of respecting marine wildlife. Despite the shock, Virgo’s passion for sharks remains undiminished, a testament to his resilience and the enduring fascination these creatures inspire. This incident underscores the importance of caution and respect when venturing into the marine world, a realm as beautiful as it is unpredictable.

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