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10/07/2006 Freddy Torres (Texas)

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10/07/2006 Freddy Torres (Texas)

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A Surfer Survives A Shark Attack

Oct 13, 2006 07:08 AM EDT

A Surfer Survives A Shark Attack
It may sound like a big fish tale -- but one surfer says the bite marks on his lower leg prove -- this was no lie...

Reported by Marcy Martinez

"From his mouth to his tail, about like that."

It may sound like a big fish tale -- but one surfer says the bite marks on his lower leg prove -- this was no lie...

Freddy Torres was out surfing 50 feet from the shore at Isla Blanca park when he says something fierce struck him...

"Everything happened really fast -- I thought a guy had come and hit me with his board then I felt something tearing thru my skin, my ankle somewhere."

Even he was surprised it was a shark that grabbed him....but the 20 year veteran surfer quickly realized the pain was caused by something more than a gash from a surfboard's fin... The bite measures 7 inches and nearly goes all the way around his calf and Freddy says it felt like he'd broken a bone.

"So I hopped a little and tried to run again because I thought I was going to bleed to death...there was blood everywhere."

Friends helped Freddy get medical assistance -- luckily the shark only clamped down and didn't pull away... The incident put other surfers on alert -- especially since Freddy's shark wasn't the only one in the waters off Isla Blanca...

"The day that Freddy got snagged up with one we had been out surfing and we saw some and we kept surfing -- when there are good waves -- it doesn't tend to stop us.."

Freddy agrees saying as soon as he's healed -- surf's up. And to think he's heading back out into the water... Experts say small fish near the shore are what's bringing the sharks too close for comfort. We're taking action to keep you safe...

To avoid a shark encounter: swim in groups, don't wander too far from shore, avoid the water at night, dawn, and dusk... and don't wear shiny jewelry. We're surfers, that's what we do..we charge...man if I can walk we're gonna surf."

http://www.team4news.com/Global/story.a ... 4&nav=0w0v
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