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08/29/2006 Brad Jamieson (Australia) No Injury

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08/29/2006 Brad Jamieson (Australia) No Injury

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Jamo's shark tales
Thursday, 7 September 2006

It was fourth time lucky for when he had a close encounter with a bronze whaler shark at Pennington Bay last week.
Mr Jamieson was surfing about 30m off shore with friend Damien Berden when he looked back to shore as another friend Dave Waldeck arrived.

That's when he saw the shark – between him and the shore. "It was at least six foot. We see sharks out there all the time," Mr Jamieson said.

He said he yelled "shark" and pushed at the animal with his board as it approached him. It neared a second time and he hit it harder.

A sharp blow to the head at the third encounter caused the shark to descend, where it became partially entangled in Mr Jamieson's leg rope and began to drag him. "I was pretty much submerged then, still on my board but just my head above water."

After it freed itself, the shark returned for a fourth time.

Mr Jamieson punched it hard between the eye and gills and then caught a well-timed wave to shore.

"We just got out of the water and laughed and laughed. I wasn't really that scared, except the first few seconds.

"The thing is, if Dave hadn't turned up when he did I might not have seen it behind me and it could have taken a bite of my feet or legs," Mr Jamieson said. "Damien just kept yelling 'how big is it'. He thought it had hold of me."

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