01/21/2018 - Kito 40 yr - New Caledonia

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01/21/2018 - Kito 40 yr - New Caledonia

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The inhabitants of Nouville are mobilizing against shark-feeding

Four days after the shark attack in Nouville, the inhabitants of the neighborhood and the family of the victim demonstrated this Thursday morning in front of the entrance to the fishing port. They denounce the inaction of the public authorities and the practice of shark-feeding.
Cédrick Wakahugnème (SR) • Posted on January 25, 2018 at 11:12 am

Banners erected on both sides at the Nouville roundabout and on the fishing gates with a slogan: "stop Shark-feeding". Raised at dawn, they are a little more than sixty demonstrators mobilized near the facilities of the Port Autonome. The family members of the young underwater hunter, relatives and anonymous, touched by this tragic shark attack accident last Sunday. " I am here to show my dissatisfaction with those who feed the sharks, " protests Hnadriane Hnadriane, the President of the Alysée housing estate in Nouville. "This young man almost lost his life. Today is summer, I am also thinking of our grandchildren who used to bathe in this bay. The authorities must give us seriousness, ”continues the septuagenarian.
shark feeding
About sixty people mobilized this Thursday morning in Nouville. • © Cédrick Wakahugnème / 1ERE
Deploy means to secure the area
This mobilization is intended above all " peaceful ", according to the collective of the inhabitants of Île Nou. “ I've lived here for forty years and this is the first time I've seen it ,” recalls a local resident. This rally is also an opportunity to denounce the laxity of the authorities in this affair and to obtain answers four days after this attack. " The accident happened on Sunday and since then the public authorities have done nothing " exclaims Amy Hnagéjé, the spokesperson for this mobilization, " We have not had any deployment of means to secure the premises. In Nouville, there are beaches. Families come here to picnic, swim and even go fishing ”and to continue,“Nouville is considered a second zone. We hardly see a fin moving in Anse-Vata or in the Baie des Citrons that very quickly, the means are deployed ”.

“ We have not had any deployment of means to secure the premises. In Nouville, there are beaches. Families come here to picnic, swim and even go fishing ”

They denounce the laxity of local authorities
The demonstrators ask to meet with the government and the services of the southern province. " The objective is to be able to initiate discussions with the fishing companies of the Autonomous Port ", underlines the spokesperson for the Collective. " Together, we will be able to find solutions so that shark-feeding stops ". The collective wishes to carry out other actions of this type in the coming days.
shark feeding mobilization
© Cédrick Wakahugnème / 1ERE
The fisherman's state of health improves
Hospitalized at the Médipôle since Sunday, the state of health of the young Kito is improving. " This mobilization is also to tell him that we are with him, " says Amy Hnagéjé, his uncle. The diver was bitten twice by a bulldog shark. “The last I heard, he was waking up. He has opened his eyes but it is difficult for him to put into words what happened on Sunday. It will take time, we know, but we are still hopeful, ”he continues.

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