“A Shark bite is only one of many possible endings to a Shark Attack”
“An UNPROVOKED Shark Attack is only one of many types of Shark Attack”

When you see the words Unprovoked or Bite associated with Shark Attacks, someone is trying to hide shark dangers you may face should you enter the water. In most cases, the word unprovoked equals the number of incidents shared with the public. Any other type of Shark Attack is kept a secret from the public.

1988/06/01 Etienne Decora - Florida -

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1988/06/01 Etienne Decora - Florida -

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Shark Attack on Etienne Decora

Written by Etienne Decora for SharkAttackSurvivors.com

Attacked June 1st, 1988

Daytona Beach – Volusia County - FL - U.S.A.

8 am

Water Temperature about 85 degrees - F

Clear Sunny Day

Clothes - Bright multi colored surfing shorts - no wetsuit or shirt

Riding white surfboard with black and white logo on bottom (town and country Hawaii) - 6'4"long board with no leash.

Waves - Small 1-3 foot clean surf

I was surfing next to the Main St Pier in Daytona Beach Fl in 3-6 feet of water.

The shark was a bull shark about 6-7 feet long.

I rode a wave in and was paddling back out.

The shark was spotted on the other side of the pier and took an aggressive immediate U turn and attacked me, (According to some of my friends fishing on the pier).

My friends were yelling but I couldn’t hear them in the surf.

I never saw it coming until it hit me.

The shark hit me at a high rate of speed with great force.

I was grabbed by the foot and the shark shook its head.

The shark then went to bite again and I was able to remove my foot.

At this point I was turned around on my surfboard.

The shark came at me again and I hit it on the snout and it went away.

I then paddled in with my foot in the air .Luckily the lifeguards were running drills that morning and were on hand to dress the wounds.

I had two operations and 275 stitches to repair tendon damage.

It took about six months to get back to normal.

I continued surfing and have surfed the same spot many times since.

My guess would be that the attack was a territorial attack not mistaken identity because of the aggressive U turn and lack of baitfish.

Etienne Decora
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