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If you are a survivor, media or documentary producer, interested in Survivors for Conservation, a Researcher  or found errors in some of our information there may be a form to better suit your request.  Above!

Phone Contact 954 479 1096 – USA – EST

Media – Documentary – Researcher – Conservation Request Form

We always try to provide a means for everyone to get actual factual shark attack and related incidents information from the true shark attack experts, those involved in the incidents.

How it works.

You fill out the form with as much information as possible if any additional information is needed we will contact you. We may have someone who has shown interest in your type project and we will post your request in our private section. As our members visit the private area they will see your request. If they wish to participate in your project or research you will be contacted. Try to provide as much information as possible for the quickest response.

Note: Many survivors or victims family members have been attacked by land sharks after being the victim of an ocean shark incident. Sometimes the land sharks injuries are much worse than the incident itself. LAND SHARKS NEED NOT ASK!!!

You can also Call Us @ 954 479 1096 – USA – EST

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