Shark Attacks

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If you are a Shark Attack Survivor or family member of a shark attack victim or your family member did not survive the encounter, we would like to offer any assistance we can to assist you through these terrible times.

Please contact us,  many other survivors are going through or have gone through similar experiences and are here for you. 

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Is it Safe to Enter the Water?

If you plan to take a step and enter the water where there might be shark species that can injure, kill, or consume land animals (In our case us Humans). You should learn all the information you can about those species and their negative interactions with other humans "PRIOR" to entering the water. 

One Step is all it takes

Once you leave the land and enter the water world you are leaving most of your survival instincts and knowledge on land. In the water, you are at the mercy of mother nature where you are just a part-time visitor barely able to hold your head out of the water. In most of the world when you enter the water in legal terms you are entering "at your own risk" with reference to shark attacks. You and you alone are responsible for what happens after you take the step into the water. You can't blame anyone except yourself you knowingly entered the water with sharks that could injury, kill, or consume you and have been known to do so.

Common Sense

We know it is hard to find accurate information about shark attacks with the ocean user's safety a priority. Most of the shark attack information found is based on unique, partially scientific methods devised by grant starved elasmobranch researchers, grant donors, stakeholders, tourism officials, and special interest groups. The best advice is to apply common sense and question all the shark and shark attack information you have learned. Ask yourself who is supplying the information. Here is an example:

The blue area is where you have a risk of being attacked by a shark. In the year 2019, all the experts claim there were (64) shark attacks worldwide, and (52) marked in red, or eighty-one percent of them happened at these two locations. Now that just doesn't make any sense, does it? 


Shark Year Magazine

Shark News and information all year long. Shark Year Magazine

Government Shark Policies

What are the policies on sharks and shark attacks by the local government.

Shark Attack Information

Are you aware there are many types of shark attacks?

Attack or Bite

Those making money by you going in the water or those wanting to increase shark populations use the word bite. We use the words Shark Attack we want you to be safe.

Shark Attack Files

What are they good for?

Discovery and Nat Geo

Discovery and Nat Geo shark shows. What to expect from the production companies trying to sell shark attack shows. 

Shark Week

Shark Week survives by people being attacked by sharks.

Unprovoked vs Not Unprovoked

A Unprovoked shark attack and all the rest

Shark Attack Survivors suggest learning as much as possible about the sharks that attack humans in the area you are visiting. Apply common sense to all the shark and shark attack information you have learned.  Shark Attack Survivors for Those Involved in Shark Attacks Sharks Attacks. You do not want to be involved in a shark attack especially a severe shark attack.