Shark Attacks – A man called Justin was surfing off South Point in Gracetown Australia was attacked by a shark he suffered wounds to his foot.

Surfer bit on foot by shark in WA’s South West

A MAN surfing off South Point in Gracetown suffered bite wounds to his foot when he was injured by a suspected wobbegong shark on Friday.

The surfer, known only as Justin, was pulled from the water and initially treated on shore by an off-duty nurse before he was transported to Margaret River Hospital about 6 pm.

Andy Gradisen was surfing alongside the man when the unknown species of shark struck and said the attack took “a small chunk” out of his mate’s foot.

“We were out the back of South Point, and I heard Justin flapping about in the water,” Mr. Gradisen said.

“He put his foot up, and he was bleeding quite badly.

“It was quite difficult to get him in because he was a little bit confused and so needed a little of encouragement to paddle, but we got him in eventually.

“(He) was super lucky, it must have been only a smallish shark, and it has only taken a small chunk but it could have been anything.”

Fellow surfer Greg Mickle came to the pair’s aid.

“On the way in he was certainly rattled, as anyone would be with something that has tried to heave him below the water level.”

Justin was discharged from Margaret River Hospital on Saturday morning, and it was believed he traveled to Perth with a friend to seek further treatment.

A spokeswoman for Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly said the shark’s species had not been confirmed but that it was possible it was a small whaler or wobbegong.

On Saturday, Shire of Augusta Margaret River rangers placed warning signs in the area.