Here are the historical accounts for shark attacks that took place on February 13:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 13-Feb-2010 Patricia Trumbull F 60 13h30 AUSTRALIA Queensland Dent Island, Whitsundays Snorkeling Severe Lacerations to legs & buttocks 78
2 13-Feb-2006 Unknown Male M 18 11h00 Australia Queensland Golden Beach Caloundra Wading Lacerations to foot
3 13-Feb-2005 male M USA Florida Fort Lauderdale Spearfishing Hand bitten Caribbean 72
4 13-Feb-1994 J. Magbanua M 17h00 USA Hawaii Kailua Bay Fishing Arm bitten while trying to secure shark caught by navy personnel from vessel SPI
5 13-Feb-1988 Belinda Van Schalkwyk F 15 07h40 South Africa KZN Mtunzini Surfing Leg bitten surgically amputated Bull
6 13-Feb-1982 Gladys Sackville F 75 10h37 USA Florida Palm Beach Swimming Fatal – Shark-bitten body found floating 1.5 miles offshore. Bruises suggested she may have been bitten by the shark before drowning
7 13-Feb-1974 Damon Kendrick M 14 19h00 South Africa KZN Inyoni Rocks Amanzimtoti Swimming Right calf removed leg surgically amputated below the knee
8 13-Feb-1974 Joe Kool M 19 19h00 South Africa KZN Inyoni Rocks Amanzimtoti Swimming Right shin lacerated
9 13-Feb-1948 Pilot Neil Womack M USA Texas Gulf of Mexico between Brownsville & Carmen Mexico Sea Disaster Fatal -. Womack was injured when plane went down 3 days later he jumped off liferaft & was taken by a shark
10 13-Feb-1941 Robert Hes M 34 Australia New South Wales Wollongong Fishing Hand bitten
11 13-Feb-1937 John Welsh M 32 15h20 Australia New South Wales Bar Beach Newcastle Swimming Fatal – buttocks ankle & right elbow bitten White
12 13-Feb-1932 Eric Francis Beck M AUSTRALIA Queensland Calliope River Fishing with dynamite Foot Bitten
13 13-Feb-1924 Nita Derritt F 30 19h00 Australia New South Wales Bronte Bathing Legs severely bitten surgically amputated
14 13-Feb-1886 Boat Australia Victoria Mordialloc Boating – shark shook boat “stem to stern” No Injury – shark shook boat “stem to stern”
15 13-Feb-1878 an Arab who had been with Stanley when he met Livingstone M South Africa Western Cape Province Olifantbos Point Sea Disaster Fatal – shark removed large part of his hip