Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that took place on January 23:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 23-Jan-2009 Dr. Pat Lockie M 07h30 Australia Victoria 13th Beach – Melborne West Surfing bite wounds to right hand
2 23-Jan-2007 Eric Nerhus M 41 10h30 Australia New South Wales Cape Howe Diving deep gashes in his head, chest and back. White 118
3 23-Jan-2006 Rowgirls an ocean rowing boat. Occupants: Sally Kettle Claire Mills & Sue McMillan F Open Ocean 800 miles from land 800 miles from land Rowing No injury to occupants; a shark accidentally caught in a line threatened to rip out the transom
4 23-Jan-1996 Christopher Riley M 33 USA Florida Florida Keys, Monroe County Wading Shark bit his leg after he grabbed its tail & wouldn’t let go SPI Nurse 36
5 23-Jan-1993 Charles Roberto Soares Veras M 28 BRAZIL Pernambuco Piedade Body boarding Left Leg Bitten
6 23-Jan-1992 Noor-Mubeen Shaik M 19 17h30 South Africa KZN Isipingo Swimming Right foot lacerated Bull 55
7 23-Jan-1970 Zulu Soto M 14 MOZAMBIQUE Limpopo River 3.2 km inland Swimming Hands severed forearm severely lacerated
8 23-Jan-1970 Betual Tivane M 16 MOZAMBIQUE Limpopo River Gijana 150 km inland Swimming Leg severed at knee Bull
9 23-Jan-1970 Mabua Mogadura M 12 MOZAMBIQUE Limpopo River Gijana 150 km inland Swimming Arm severed thigh bitten Bull
10 23-Jan-1970 Elissane Mobunda M 10 MOZAMBIQUE Limpopo River Gijana 150 km inland Swimming Leg severed at knee Bull
11 23-Jan-1965 Ronald Bowers M 22 13h00 South Africa KZN Country Club Beach Durban Lifesaving No injury ski bitten White 144
12 23-Jan-1964 John Carlson M 39 16h00 South Africa Eastern Cape Province Nahoon Body surfing Heel & ankle bitten
13 23-Jan-1952 Bernard Montessier M MAURITIUS Port Louis Spearfishing Right foot lacerated by a larger shark. Lost several toes SPI
14 23-Jan-1949 Ray Land M 20 15h00 Australia New South Wales Bar Beach Newcastle Lifesaving Fatal – White 143
15 23-Jan-1940 Maxwell Farrin M 13 10h40 Australia New South Wales North Brighton Botany Bay Swimming Fatal – left leg severed 120
16 23-Jan-1904 Charley Smith M NEW CALEDONIA NEW CALEDONIA Noumea Bathing Fatal –
17 23-Jan-1882 George Sinclair M Australia New South Wales Darling Harbor, Sydney Bathing Fatal –
18 23-Jan-1832 Male M AUSTRALIA New South Wales Sydney Bathing Laceration to leg