Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that took place on January 16:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 16-Jan-2013 Paul Santos M 43 17h00 USA Hawaii Kiholo Bay Surfing Left forearm bitten tiger 180
2 16-Jan-2009 Tane Tokona M NEW ZEALAND South Island Karitane Beach Surfing No injury,shark bumped board with nose
3 16-Jan-1996 Robert Rogowicz M 53 15h45 USA Hawaii Ka’eleki’I Point Maui Swimming Lacerations to left foot & right shin Tiger
4 16-Jan-1985 small speedboat occupan: Paul McNally NEW ZEALAND South Island Christchurch Research No injury to occupant shark bit boat 236
5 16-Jan-1965 A.W.F. Patterson M 20 16h40 South Africa KZN Country Club Beach Durban Body surfing Right thigh punctured
6 16-Jan-1962 Mr. Reynish & Mr. Meikle NEW ZEALAND South Island Pigeon Bay Canterbury Fishing No injury to occupants hooked shark attacked boat SPI Red 190
7 16-Jan-1960 Kenneth William Murray M 13 15h30 Australia New South Wales Just below Roseville Bridge opposite Killarney picnic reserve Middle Harbor Sydney Freediving Fatal – right leg severed above knee surgically amputated but died 9 days later Bull
8 16-Jan-1956 Lester Burton M 33 COSTA RICA San Juan River Swimming Fatal – leg severed
9 16-Jan-1956 Stephen Conedo M 18 Australia Queensland Palm Island – (Torres Strait) Diving Lacerations to thighs, Badly mauled by shark
10 16-Jan-1950 Gilbert S. Hotta M Night USA Hawaii Kahakuloa Maui Fishing Fatal -His remains were recovered from a “huge shark” caught 3 days later
11 16-Jan-1944 Boat Australia Western Australia Cottesloe, Perth Fishing No injury, shark took day’s catch & struck boat
12 16-Jan-1930 Servy LeRoux M 23 17h30 South Africa Western Cape Province Melkbaai False Bay Swimming Torso & arm bitten White 179
13 16-Jan-1920 David Miller M 12 10h00 Australia New South Wales Swimming Fatal – Leg bitten. Fatal
14 16-Jan-1884 Mr. Meyer M South Africa Eastern Cape Province South Jetty Port Elizabeth Swimming Fatal –
15 16-Jan-1864 Unknown M NEW ZEALAND Stewart Island Stewart Island Boating – Boat filled with water Fatal –