Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that took place on February 6:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 06-Feb-2012 Nick Ferguson M 29 12h00 AUSTRALIA Queensland Wurtulla Surfing No injury, but fin lost from surfboard
2 06-Feb-2010 Aaron Muilwyk M NEW ZEALAND South Island Cosy Nook Spearfishing No injury, shark bit his speargun after he used it to try and get rid of a pesky shark. 98
3 06-Feb-2010 Dean Everson M 18 15h30 AUSTRALIA New South Wales Turners’ Beach Body boarding No Injury – Blocked shark with board White 98
4 06-Feb-2010 Male M 17h00 USA Florida Riviera Beach municipal beach, Palm Beach County Fishing – trying to carefully release hooked shark bitten in the lower leg – trying to carefully release hooked shark Spinner 72
5 06-Feb-2009 Jode Skennar M 07h30 Australia New South Wales Minnie Water and Sandon Beach Surfing No Injury
6 06-Feb-2008 Male M USA Florida Opposite Patrick Air Force Base, Brevard County Surf skiing Lacerations to foot 36
7 06-Feb-1986 Michael Taljaard M 29 13h30 South Africa Western Cape Province Arniston Spearfishing 2 punctures in upper arm SandTiger 84
8 06-Feb-1967 Esteban Robles M 14h00 Mexico Cabo Rojo Swimming Fatal -The shrimper Loless Maurine capsized in heavy seas & was Esteban Robles swimming ashore.
9 06-Feb-1967 Carlos Humberto Mendez M 14h00 Mexico Cabo Rojo Swimming Fatal – The shrimper Loless Maurine capsized in heavy seas & Carlos Humberto Mendez was swimming ashore.
10 06-Feb-1963 Irené Rose M 24 MAURITIUS Rodrigues Rodrigues Laceration to right forearm
11 06-Feb-1955 James F. Jacobs M 19 12h00 USA California Pacific Grove Monterey County Spearfishing Swimfin & 2 wool socks removed by shark suit torn White 216
12 06-Feb-1947 Bill Whitman M BAHAMAS New Providence Island Cable Beach Attempting to ride a shark Arm Bitten 60
13 06-Feb-1901 John Thompson M Australia Queensland Brisbane Bathing Fatal – thigh bitten
14 06-Feb-1876 Patrick Rooney M Australia Victoria Albert Park in Port Phillip Bay Bathing Fatal – rescued by man on horseback but died on the beach
15 06-Feb-1856 a seaman from the John and Lucy M 17 AUSTRALIA Victoria Point Hentry Swimming Sever bite to thigh