Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that took place on February 20:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 20-Feb-2014 male M 21 16h00 FRENCH POLYNESIA Society Islands Huahine Kitesurfing Lacerations to lower leg Blacktip Reef
2 20-Feb-2012 Boat SOUTH AFRICA Western Cape Province Strandfontein Fishing 8m inflatable boat owned by CKAT Coastal Adventures White
3 20-Feb-1997 Laurent Lebon M REUNION L’Etang-Sale L’Etang-Sale Hand bitten
4 20-Feb-1996 Kathi Peters F 32 USA Missouri St. Louis Swimming in fish tank Punctures to hand Nurse
5 20-Feb-1983 Peter Swart M 16 12h30 South Africa KZN Mtunzini Paddleskiing Puncture wounds in buttocks 120
6 20-Feb-1972 Stuart Rogers M 18 11h00 Australia Victoria Wilson’s Promontory, Waratah Bay Surfing Laceration above knee 84
7 20-Feb-1968 Ingrid Germanis F 14 Evening Australia Western Australia Swan River Swimming Thigh lacerated
8 20-Feb-1958 Kevin Blair M 21 Afternoon Australia New South Wales New South Wales Spearfishing Fatal – Disappeared while diving, speargun recovered, 2 large sharks in vicinity.
9 20-Feb-1940 a youth 15h30 Australia New South Wales Sydney Harbour Canoeing No injury.
10 20-Feb-1933 Wanewa a Torres Strait Islander M Australia Queensland Near Barrow Point Queensland Pearl diving Fatal –
11 20-Feb-1930 Jerry M 19 Australia Queensland – (Torres Strait) Pearl diving Arm & chest injured