Here are the historical acccounts of shark attaks that happened on this date, March 7.

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 07-Mar-2008 Thomas Larkin M 28 08h00 USA California Dog Beach is located in a stretch of Huntington City Beach between Seapoint Street and Golden West Street. Surfing No Injury – Board bitten White 180
2 07-Mar-1994 Steve Rosebloome M 33 USA California Arm lacerated by captive shark SPI Lemon 48
3 07-Mar-1982 Marty Ford M 20 Australia New South Wales Tallow Beach Byron Bay Surfing Fatal – Legs bitten Fatal
4 07-Mar-1961 Johannes J. Rickert M 44 South Africa KZN St. Lucia Fishing Landed shark in boat bit his left leg SPI Bull 58
5 07-Mar-1945 David Drummond M 37 16h30 South Africa KZN Scottburgh Wading Right leg bitten knee to foot surgically amputated Bull
6 07-Mar-1930 Speros Gigis M USA Florida 70 miles off Tarpon Springs Sponge diving No injury to diver but shark left 3 toothmarks in his helmet
7 07-Mar-1925 Jack Dagworthy M 16 17h00 Australia New South Wales Coogee Bathing Left thigh bitten leg surgically amputated
8 07-Mar-1907 Fisherman 2 M MALTA MALTA Marsaskala Fishing FATAL Fell overboard and were killed by shark White 200
9 07-Mar-1907 Fisherman 1 MALTA MALTA Marsaskala Fishing FATAL – Fell overboard and was killed by shark White 200