Historical shark attack accounts for March 14

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 14-Mar-2012 Nick Romano M 17 16h05 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County Surfing Bitten on calf 54
2 14-Mar-2012 Sidney Levy F 15 16h00 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County Surfing Bitten on ankle 54
3 14-Mar-2009 Male M 21 Australia Western Australia The Natural Jetty, Rottnest Island Wading Thigh bitten when he bumped the shark Wobbegong 24
4 14-Mar-2004 C. Mooney F 10h00 USA Hawaii Punaluu Snorkeling Lacerations to left foot 72
5 14-Mar-2000 Craig Ruth M 19h30 Australia New South Wales McMasters Beach Central Coast Surfing No Injury Tiger 156
6 14-Mar-1999 Blaise Wouanena M Morning NEW CALEDONIA Loyalty Islands Ouvea Spearfishing Multiple injuries
7 14-Mar-1999 Mr. Spain M 28 NEW ZEALAND Fishing Right thigh bitten SPI Mako 54
8 14-Mar-1993 Roddy Lewis M 35 15h45 USA Hawaii Paradise Bay (next to Wailua Bay) Maui Surfing Lower legs lacerated Tiger 144
9 14-Mar-1988 Frederic Mousseau 18h30 REUNION Saint Pierre Pic du Diable Surfing Survived
10 14-Mar-1984 Mark Benvick M 17h30 South Africa KZN Amanzimtoti Surfing No injury 8 pressure dings in surboard
11 14-Mar-1983 Richard Kling M 14 USA Florida Palm Beach Swimming Injured – but exact circumstances unknown at this time
12 14-Mar-1981 Carlos Veraga M. M 10h30 CHILE Coquimbo Bahia Totoralillo 80 km north of Coquimbo Freediving Foot & ankle bitten White
13 14-Mar-1966 Unknown M RED SEA RED SEA RED SEA Treading Water Fatal –
14 14-Mar-1965 Rick MacNeilly M 16 13h30 USA Florida Pompano Beach Palm Beach County Freediving Injured – but exact circumstances unknown at this time Mako
15 14-Mar-1961 Kath. O’Neill F Australia Western Australia Shark Bay Fishing Hooked shark hauled on board bit her foot SPI
16 14-Mar-1944 Richard D. Field M 16 17h30 South Africa KZN Country Club Beach Durban Treading water Ankle severely lacerated
17 14-Mar-1943 Unknown SIERRA LEONE Longitude: 35º 58′ W Sea Disaster Of the 1346 on board 392 perished including 90 women & 44 crew. 1 person known to have been fatally injured by a shark.
18 14-Mar-1914 John B. Mooney M USA Florida St. Augustine Swimming Fatal – His remains were recovered from a shark 3 years after his disappearance
19 14-Mar-1858 Adolphe Bollander M Australia Victoria Hobson Bay Bathing Fatal –