Here are the accounts for shark attacks in history for February 28

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 28-Feb-2011 Shane Nyari M 36 10h45 AUSTRALIA Queensland Between Fishing Lacerations to right hand by hooked shark Bull 80
2 28-Feb-1997 Joanna Solmon F 21 Australia Queensland Carrara Nerang River Swimming Left leg biten
3 28-Feb-1997 Gerald Rauch M 30 12h00 Australia Queensland Whitsunday Passage Scuba Diving Left arm bitten Tiger 108
4 28-Feb-1987 Gary Landwirth M USA Florida Singer Island Riviera Beach Palm Beach County Windsurfing Lacerations on toe heel & ankle of right foot Spinner
5 28-Feb-1982 Geert Talen M 32 Australia Tasmania South Cape Bay Skindiving Fatal – body not recovered White 200
6 28-Feb-1959 14′ open boat: occupants Richard Crew & Bob Thatcher M Australia Victoria Port Phillip Bay Fishing No injury to occupants. Shark leapt into boat momentarily pinning Crew against the side Mako 96

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