Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that occurred on April 4.

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 04-Apr-2013 male M 50 USA Florida Jensen Beach, Martin County Swimming Lacerations to hand
2 04-Apr-2010 James Elliott M 24 14h00 EGYPT Sinai Peninsula Sharm el-Sheikh Swimming / treading water severe injuries, including a severed Achille’s tendon to left leg Oceanic 72
3 04-Apr-2004 Courtney Marcher F 22 USA Hawaii Velzyland Surfing Fatal -Disappeared surfboard washed ashore marks on leash suggested shark involvement
4 04-Apr-2003 Frederick Jordan Jr. M 50 08h00 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach Volusia County Surfing Left hand and wrist bitten 52
5 04-Apr-1974 Anthony Kenneth Baker M 17 16h30 South Africa KZN Inyoni Rocks Amanzimtoti Surfing Right foot lacerated Dusky
6 04-Apr-1973 John P.R. Nicholls M 45 18h00 Mexico Acapulco Revolcadero Beach, Acapulco Wading Fatal – multiple bites
7 04-Apr-1970 Rudolf Daily M 14 16h00 GRENADA St. Andrew Parish Grenville Swimming Fatal – body not recovered
8 04-Apr-1965 Barry Nakamura M 8 15h30 PALAU Western Caroline Islands Koror Wading Right leg bitten Tiger
9 04-Apr-1965 William F. Lachmund M 17 07h15 USA Florida Juno Beach Palm Beach County Surfing Left hand punctured & lacerated Spinner
10 04-Apr-1929 Ned Luffman a Torres Strait Islander M Australia Queensland Badu Island – (Torres Strait) Swimming Fatal –
11 04-Apr-1928 Edward Arthur Lane M 28 18h00 Australia New South Wales Cooks Hill Newcastle Standing Fatal – right hand severed large lacerations on thigh
12 04-Apr-1918 Iona Asai M Australia Queensland Near Cairns Diving Survived
13 04-Apr-1877 Mitchell M Morning Australia Victoria Portarlington Bathing Thigh & foot bitten