Here are the historcial accounts of shark attacks that took place on October 24:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 24-Oct-2013 Anthony Joyce M AUSTRALIA New South Wales South Narrabeen Beach Surfing Injuries to right foot Wobbegong
2 24-Oct-2009 Scott Barton M 17h30 USA California San Onofre, San Diego County Surfing 3 puncture wounds to big toe of left foot, and laceration on arch of foot
3 24-Oct-2003 Don Keener M 56 12h20 USA Hawaii Honolua Bay Snorkeling Left forearm lacerated
4 24-Oct-1998 female F 17 Afternoon USA Florida Jupiter Beach Palm Beach County Swimming Minor lacerations on right ankle & foot
5 24-Oct-1997 Luis Morales M 23 17h15 USA Florida North Jetty Fort Pierce Inlet State Park St. Lucie County Surfing 5 gash in foot Blacktip
6 24-Oct-1985 Patrick Gee M 22 08h00 South Africa Eastern Cape Province East London Body Boarding Left leg severely lacerated superficial lacerations of right leg board damaged White 96
7 24-Oct-1972 Norman Hargreaves M Australia Queensland Mackay Right arm bitten
8 24-Oct-1970 James C. Mattan M USA Hawaii Brennecke Beach Po’ipu Kaua’i Body surfing Shoulder & arm bitten
9 24-Oct-1960 boat occupants: 2 fishermen South Africa Western Cape Province Jacobs Bay Reef Saldanha Bay Fishing No injury to occupants shark rammed & bit boat White 156
10 24-Oct-1957 Matthew Keia a Lord Howe native M 22 17h30 SOLOMON ISLANDS Guadalcanal Honiara Fatal –
11 24-Oct-1944 Unknown M 17h30 Unknown at this time 225 miles east of Hong Kong Sea Disaster Fatal – Most of the men drowned & some were taken by sharks. Only only nine men survived
12 24-Oct-1878 Owen M INDONESIA East Java Probolinggo Swimming FATAL 155