Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that took place on October 10:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 10-Oct-2013 Zachary Tyke Standridge M 12 15h30 USA Florida Destin, Okaloosa County Wading Lacerations to right forearm Bull
2 10-Oct-2012 Gunner Proppe M 42 18h30 USA California Davenport Landing, Santa Cruz County Windsurfing No ijnury to boardrider, shark struck board breaking the mast
3 10-Oct-2011 Doug Niblack M USA Oregon The cove – a popular surfing spot in Seaside. Surfing No injury, shark bit surfboard 136
4 10-Oct-2011 Bryn Martin M 64 08h10 Australia Western Australia Cottesloe Beach Swimming Fatal
5 10-Oct-2007 Sam Bendall M 22 20h30 USA California Venice Pier, Venice, Los Angeles County Surfing 4 scratches on left hand 42
6 10-oct-2006 Renata Foucre F 26 Bahamas Nassau Nassau Free Diving 22 puncture wounds on her left foot 72
7 10-Oct-2006 Kyle Cody M 20 11h30 USA Florida Daytona Beach, Volusia County Wading Laceration above left ankle
8 10-Oct-2004 Paul de Jung M 09h30 USA California Limantour Beach Point Reyes National Seashore Surfing Lower leg bitten White 84
9 10-Oct-1998 Jarod Ruszkowski M USA Florida Sebastian Inlet Indian River County Surfing Right hand bitten
10 10-Oct-1993 Rosemary Johnson F 34 14h30 USA California Goat Rock Bodega Bay Sonoma County? Kayaking No Injury Kayak holed White 240
11 10-Oct-1988 Patrick Turowski M 23 18h30 USA Florida Playalinda Brevard County Surfing Hand lacerated 50
12 10-Oct-1985 Bruce Doss M USA Alabama Gulf Shores Fishing Laceration to leg by hooked shark 72
13 10-Oct-1972 Barry Kumara M 17 NEW ZEALAND North Island Wanganui Swimming No injury, leg of jeans torn off
14 10-Oct-1968 Unknown PHILIPPINES Moro Gulf Sea diaster – boat Dumaguete unknown – survived
15 10-Oct-1965 Kaleva M 15 NEW BRITAIN West coast Outside the reef off Moputu Village near Talasea Spearfishing Fatal –
16 10-Oct-1906 an “old native” M USA Hawaii Buttock bitten
17 10-Oct-1906 Unknown M USA Hawaii Swimming Fatal –
18 10-Oct-1906 Native M USA Hawaii Diving Arm severed
19 10-Oct-1906 Unknown M USA Hawaii Swimming Fatal –
20 10-Oct-1880 The Lamont Young party M Australia New South Wales Bermagui Boating Fatal – taken by a sharks after entrails washed ashore