Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that happened on May 30

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 30-May-2011 Kori Robertson F 22 15h00 USA Texas Follett’s Island – near Surfside Wading Bite to Right Thigh and knee area many lacerations 60
2 30-May-2010 Mike Seymore M 49 08h45 USA Florida Off Tarpon Springs Research – Shark research Laceration to left calf by hooked shark attempting safe Catch and Release Lemon 48
3 30-May-1998 Jamie Harrington M 17 South Africa Eastern Cape Province Pollock Beach Surfing Minor laceration on foot
4 30-May-1967 Rodney Baim M 30 Morning Australia South Australia Outer Harbor Thigh abraded & lacerated Recorded as SPI Copper
5 30-May-1964 W.W. Fitzsimmons M 47 PANAMA Caribbean Coast Standing No injury Lemon
6 30-May-1959 Tony Dicks M 23 South Africa Eastern Cape Province Bird Island Algoa Bay Spearfishing No injury diver shot shark & it bit his speargun SPI White 108
7 30-May-1937 William Siskalo M USA Texas Galveston Fishing Leg nipped by hooked shark 48