Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that happened on May 23

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 23-May-2013 José Rogério da Silva M 41 BRAZIL Pernambuco Coral Cove Beach Unknown FATAL –
2 23-May-2013 Hamed Salah M 30 Evening PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES Gaza Gaza Fishing Two fingers lost
3 23-May-2012 Chad Refro M 22 15h00 USA Florida Jacksonville, Duval County Surfing Lacerations to foot 55
4 23-May-2011 Nathan ? M 15 New Caledonia NOUMEA Koumac village in the north of the archipelago Kite Surfer Fatal –
5 23-May-2008 Osvaldo Mata Valdovinos M 21 Mexico Acapulco Pantla beach Surfing Fatal – severed left hand and broken leg
6 23-May-2004 Valmir Pereira Silva M 17 14h30 BRAZIL Pernambuco Piedade Beach Bathing Left hand foot severed & left calf & arm bitten Bull
7 23-May-2004 male M 9 12h30 USA Florida St. Augustine St. John’s County Boogie Boarding Calf & foot lacerated
8 23-May-2001 Tripp Choate M 11 USA South Carolina Coligny Beach Hilton Head Beaufort County Swimming Shin lacerated 56
9 23-May-1994 Jim Sellmer M 26 Afternoon USA Florida New Smyrna Beach Volusia County Wading Gash on ankle
10 23-May-1981 Pak Kyong-sun (female) F 29 KOREA Diving Fatal – White
11 23-May-1933 Mr. E.B. Port M AUSTRALIA Queensland Off Stradbroke Island Fishing Laceration to lower leg by netted shark
12 23-May-1923 Percy Evensen M AUSTRALIA Western Australia Southgates, near Geraldton Wading Minor puncture wounds to foot
13 23-May-1893 Male M Australia Queensland Torres Strait – (Torres Strait) Boating Bitten by shark
14 23-May-1893 Female F FIJI FIJI Between Kadavu & Beqa Canoe swamped Fatal –