Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that happened on June 6:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 06-Jun-2013 Walter Kefauver M 58 USA Florida Off Snipe Point, Florida Keys, Monroe County Fishing Left hand bitten Lemon 48
2 06-Jun-2013 Steven Adamson M 16h00 Australia New South Wales Target Beach Surfing No Injury – shark bit board
3 06-Jun-2011 Alan McIntosh M 19 12h00 USA Florida NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Volusia County Wading very minor puncture wound to the calf 42
4 06-Jun-2011 Jhon Jairo James M 24 Columbia Colombian islands in the Caribbean Sea Albuquerque Cay, San Andres Island spearfishing Bite to right hand
5 06-Jun-2011 Justin Schlaefli M 28 USA California South Casa in La Jolla San Diego County Spearfishing No Injury – Damage to Suit sevengill 84
6 06-Jun-2010 Michael Bedford M 40 12h00 AUSTRALIA Western Australia Conspicuous Beach, near Walpole Surfing Severe laceration to right knee
7 06-Jun-2007 Katina Zinner F 10h00 USA California Will Rogers State Beach about 20 yards from shore directly in front of the Bel Air Bay Club Swimming bite marks from the top of ring finger to the lower part of my palm.
8 06-Jun-2007 Jack Moir M Evening Australia New South Wales Shelly Beach at Crescent Head Surfing Ankle and leg bitten required 100 stitches
9 06-jun-2006 Juliette Shipp F 9 11h10 USA Florida Hutchinson Island, St. Lucie County Hutchinson Island, St. Lucie County Body Boarding Lacerations right calf and foot
10 06-Jun-1996 George Lucas M 17h30 Australia Victoria Suicide Point Point Leo Surfing No injury board bitten White 157
11 06-Jun-1989 Ezio Bocedi M 15h30 ITALY Tuscany Marinella between Punta Blanca & Marine del Carrara Windsurfing Upper right thigh bitten White 120
12 06-Jun-1977 Dan Baen, Jr. M 25 USA Texas Padre Island Collecting fish from net Lacerations to wrist 55
13 06-Jun-1948 Donald Tasking NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS Saipan Swimming Heel Bitten
14 06-Jun-1938 Charles Edwards M Australia New South Wales Manly Hardhat diving No Injury – rammed by shark 72
15 06-Jun-1936 Male M USA Florida Boca Ciega Bay, Pnellas County Swimming Fatal –
16 06-Jun-1923 boat occupants; Carl Sjoistrom & 2 other crew Mexico Vera Cruz Outside Vera Cruz Harbor No injury to occupants shark rammed boat