Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that took place on July 4

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 04-Jul-2010 Frank Joseph M 20 12h33 USA New York about 25 miles south of Shinnecock Inlet Fishing Bite to bottom of his right bicep Blue 96
2 04-Jul-2010 Sarah Haiden F 21 South Africa KwaZulu-Natal Two Mile Reef, Sodwana Bay Sodwana Bay in northern Zululand Snorkeling severe cuts to her left leg
3 04-Jul-2009 Carmen Domingues F 43 15h45 USA Florida Biscayne National Park, Miami Swimming Bite to Leg Nurse
4 04-Jul-2007 Vincent Bouju M 17 14h30 REUNION REUNION Boucan Canot Body boarding Minor injuries to thigh & knee 78
5 04-Jul-2003 Benjamin Brown M 39 14h45 Bahamas Abaco 10 miles west of Walker’s Cay Spearfishing Left calf bitten Bull 84
6 04-Jul-2002 Avery Olearczyk F 9 17h15 USA North Carolina Wrightsville Beach New Hanover County Standing Calf foot & hand bitten Bull 50
7 04-Jul-2000 Niesha Peterson F 20 18h00 USA Florida Daytona Beach Volusia County Wading Left inner thigh
8 04-Jul-2000 Beverly Comstock F 55 12h00 USA Florida Artifical reef 3 miles off Manatee Beach Manatee County Spearfishing Lower right calf lacerated Nurse 48
9 04-Jul-1999 Lisa Alexander F 30 Afternoon USA Florida Pensacola Beach Escambia County Wading Lacerations knee to ankle Blacktip 72
10 04-Jul-1996 Michael Beach M 24 Bahamas South of Bimini Cat Cay Diving Left leg lacerated
11 04-Jul-1996 Carol Diliberto F 63 14h00 USA Florida Public Beach Siesta Key Sarasota County Standing Laceration on left foot 66
12 04-Jul-1988 Ray Bourgeois M 37 Afternoon USA Florida New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County Boogie boarding Punctures to lower left leg & foot
13 04-Jul-1988 Lowell Nickerson M Bahamas Snorkeling Leg lacerated 60
14 04-Jul-1975 Robert Clark M 16 USA Florida Indiatlantic Brevard County Surfing Foot bitten tendons damaged
15 04-Jul-1958 Captain Jonathan Brown pilot M 31 10h25 PACIFIC OCEAN Between Hawaii & Wake Island 600 miles northwest of Honolulu Sea Disaster Left shoulder bitten 72
16 04-Jul-1954 University of Miami student USA Florida Florida Keys Research – Shark Research Small wound on upper thigh
17 04-Jul-1953 David Crick fisherman M 08h00 USA Hawaii Kaula Rock near Niihau Fishing Shark made 3 passes at him lacerating his calf shin and ankle
18 04-Jul-1924 Boat USA California Newport Beach Fishing No injury – shark tore hole in the side of the boat