Here are the historical accounts for shark attacks that happened on July 25:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 25-Jul-2010 Alex Stamm M 16 USA South Carolina Isle of Palms, Charleston County Standing – Tossing football with friends 40 stitches in his leg 48
2 25-Jul-2008 Female F 40 08h45 USA Hawaii Lahilahi Beach, about one mile south of Makaha Beach, Oahu Snorkeling Wound to her forearm
3 25-Jul-2008 Ethan Fulton M 17 09h30 USA Florida NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Volusia County Surfing bite was serious enough that Fulton was still in surgery this afternoon.
4 25-Jul-2008 2 boys M England East Sussex Rock-a-Nore Rafting No Injury – Shark went into raft several times bitting and puncturing raft Starry Smoothounds
5 25-jul-2006 Unknown Male M 14 13h45 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County Surfing Lacerations on right foot
6 25-Jul-2004 Aaron Perez M 11 19h30 USA Texas Bryan Beach Brazoria County Wading Right forearm nearly severed and bites above & below the right knee Bull
7 25-Jul-2001 male M 16h00 USA Florida Taverniier, Monroe County Unknown Minor injury
8 25-Jul-2000 male M 5 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach Volusia County Minor laceration on left leg
9 25-Jul-1998 Michael Rinto M 13 Afternoon USA Florida New Smyrna Beach Volusia County Surfing Calf bitten
10 25-Jul-1985 Robin Lyons F 13 17h00 USA Florida Daytona Beach Volusia County Wading Right calf bitten Hammerhead
11 25-Jul-1985 Jason Lee M 15 10h22 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach Volusia County Surfing Hand bitten
12 25-Jul-1983 Dennis Patrick Murphy M 24 Night Australia Queensland Off Lodestone Reef Great Barrier Reef north of Townsville Swimming Fatal – shark bit leg then dragged him underwater Tiger 198
13 25-Jul-1983 Ray Boundy M 28 Night Australia Queensland Off Lodestone Reef Great Barrier Reef north of Townsville Sea Disaster Left knee bitten but survived Tiger 198
14 25-Jul-1959 boat occupant Robert Agnew 21 USA California Mission Beach Bitten Hammerhead 96
15 25-Jul-1959 Hideo Ishida M 22 13h00 JAPAN Okayama Prefecture Ushimado Fatal – right thigh bitten Blue
16 25-Jul-1949 Ted Roach M 16 15h00 USA South Carolina Oketee River Jasper County Floating Abdomen abraded thigh lacerated
17 25-Jul-1937 male M Australia South Australia Port Germain Fell overboard
18 25-Jul-1936 Joseph Troy Jr M 16 15h30 USA Massachusetts Hollywood Beach just above Mattapoisett Harbor Buzzards Bay Swimming Fatal – finger severed thigh bitten He died during the surgical amputation of his leg White
19 25-Jul-1896 Nahalehau M 35 10h30 USA Hawaii Kahului, Maui Fishing Fatal –