Here are the historical accounts for shark attacks that happened on July 11

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 11-Jul-2013 Barbara Corey F 63 15h30 USA North Carolina Holden Beach , BRUNSWICK COUNTY Wading bite wound on her right foot
2 11-Jul-2010 Male M 16h30 USA Florida Lauderdale by the sea, Broward County Diving – trying to free shark caught in net Small laceration to forearm from netted shark Nurse
3 11-Jul-2009 Brian Hovnanian M 08h30 USA California San Onofre Paddle-surfing No injury, shark collided with surfer & board 60
4 11-Jul-2009 John Cooper M Bahamas Bahamas. Bahamas. Spearfishing bit on John Cooper’s leg leaving a huge gash Caribbean 72
5 11-Jul-2008 Male M 24 13h45 USA South Carolina 31st avenue , Isle of Palms, Charleston County Surfing Bite to Arm
6 11-Jul-1998 Darren James M 16 Morning South Africa Eastern Cape Province St. Francis Bay Surfing Knee bitten 72
7 11-Jul-1988 female F 15 10h30 USA Florida Jensen Beach Martin County Swimming Punctures & deep scratches in foot & buttock
8 11-Jul-1982 Gerald Winkle M 43 USA California Malibu Swimming No injury -Hoax
9 11-Jul-1963 James Ronald Mason deckhand M 24 USA Mississippi Horn Island Fishing Cuts on right hand SPI 48
10 11-Jul-1951 Edward Sierks skipper of L’Apache M 42 PACIFIC OCEAN In Los Angeles – Honolulu yacht race Fell overboard Molested by shark that nibbled his bare feet rescued 30 hours later. 84
11 11-Jul-1934 boat Australia New South Wales Cronulla No injury to occupants Sharks continually followed the dinghy and one smashed its rudder White
12 11-Jul-1928 Willie Poid a Torres Strait islander M Australia Pearl diving Injuries to chest
13 11-Jul-1916 (male occupant of a capsized lifeboat) Bahamas 50 miles off Bahamas Sea Disaster Fatal -. When the survivors were rescued next day they were clubbing sharks with oars.
14 11-Jul-1899 Unknown M ITALY a Genoa Fishing Laceration to face and neck, shark was in boat