Here are the historical accounts of shark attacks that took place on December 19:

Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 19-Dec-2012 Richard Wands M 32 0830 AUSTRALIA Western Australia Trigg Beach Surfing No injury Tiger 72
2 19-Dec-2008 Boat Attacked Open Ocean 900 offshore 900 offshore in Atlantic Ocean Boating No Injury Hammerhead 108
3 19-Dec-2008 Ken Lindberg M New Zealand Auckland Maraetai Beach Fishing with nets 10 stitches above his ankle, four stitches to close his severed Achilles tendon and will not regain any feeling around his little toe. Copper
4 19-Dec-2007 Wayne Francis Johanning M 53 British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands Green Bay Scuba Diving Fatal – Probably drowned then scavenged – searchers found the victim’s partly eaten body parts surrounded by tiger sharks. Tiger
5 19-Dec-1989 George Sohswel M USA Hawaii 90 miles east of Hilo Hawai’i Left leg & foot bitten by shark brought onboard. SPI
6 19-Dec-1981 Lewis Boren M 24 Evening USA California South Moss Beach Spanish Bay Monterey Peninsula Surfing Fatal – torso bitten White 276
7 19-Dec-1977 Raymond Brockway M 27 USA Florida Hobe Sound, Palm Beach County Surfing Laceration to right hand
8 19-Dec-1977 Kim Pearce M 18 10h00 South Africa Eastern Cape Province Qolera River Surfing Both legs bitten 2 days later gangrene necessitated surgical amputation of left leg at mid-thigh Tiger 120
9 19-Dec-1965 David Fellows M 14h00 JOHNSTON ISLAND Freediving No injury Grey Reef
10 19-Dec-1961 20′ boat of Frank Stocker Australia South Australia Cowell Fishing No injury to occupant; shark leapt into boat 108
11 19-Dec-1959 Mamerto Daanong Tomas Inog & others M 12h15 PHILIPPINES Masbate Balud Sea Disaster 65 people survived 27 perished. Several people were bitten & one man lost his leg to a shark.
12 19-Dec-1959 Stanley Arthur Mullen M 29 06h00 Australia Queensland Off Wynnum in Moreton Bay near Brisbane Swimming Fatal –
13 19-Dec-1950 Swimmer 2 Australia New South Wales Jervis Bay Swimming Legs Bitten Wobbegong 72
14 19-Dec-1950 Swimmer 1 Australia New South Wales Jervis Bay Swimming Legs Bitten Wobbegong 72
15 19-Dec-1940 Jack Ryan M Australia Queensland Double Island Beach Minor injury to leg
16 19-Dec-1936 Racing scull occupant: C.E. Slaughter Queensland sculling champion Australia Queensland Brisbane River No injury to occupant. Shark damaged scull tooth fragments recovered 120
17 19-Dec-1899 J. Richardson M Afternoon Australia Queensland Tingalpa Creek Fell into the water Lower leg bitten